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Builders in Mansfield – Summer Houses

Summer Houses tailored to you

Summer houses and garden offices have become the ‘in thing’, and continue to grow in popularity. Customers are asking for a wider range of options, accessories and functionality, so the limit to what you can achieve with your summer house or garden office is only restricted by your imagination.

The size, shape and design of your summer house or garden office is almost completely flexible. You decide what you want and how big you want it, and we’ll make it happen. Whether you want a simple but stylish summer house to use in hot weather, or an insulated and fully powered garden house to use all year round, we can offer a solution to fit any budget.

Work from home in comfort

If you work from home and need your own space, or the option to extend your property is limited but you need a study area, you could consider a garden office. Rapidly becoming the choice of the modern freelancer, garden offices can provide amazing spaces to work in that are often far more pleasant than your average office. A wide range of sizes and designs, coupled with insulation and power for heat, light and running computers, printers and other equipment, means that working from home has got much easier.

JJ Building Services has completed summer house and garden office projects across Mansfield and throughout Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. If you’re looking for local experts to realise your summer house or garden office dream then contact us today.